Sistema De Ahorro De Gasolina 5000

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The overall efficiency of modern gasoline powered vehicles is around 9%. This means that over 90% of the money you spend on gas goes up in smoke, literally. Heat, friction, and the basic inefficiency of the internal combustion process contribute to the overall losses.

At Fuel Atomizer, our goal over the last two decades has been to create a more efficient internal combustion system by optimizing fuel atomization and delivery. Gasoline must be completely atomized (or vaporized), and when it is not, the engine simply does not burn the fuel properly or efficiently and wastes most of the fuel, expelling it as unburnt gas!

Since 1991, our goal at Fuel Atomizer has been to create the most advanced Fuel Atomizer, available to the marketplace. With the Fuel Saver 5000, we have created the world’s finest, "second generation" Fuel Atomizer,. The Fuel Saver 5000 vaporizes more fuel, enabling much better combustion, which gives better gas mileage, increased power, and less auto pollution.

See our How It Works page for a more detailed explanation of how the Fuel Saver 5000 works, and for comparisons to competing products. 

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• Liquid gas enters the Fuel Saver 5000 through a fuel delivery line.

• The liquid gas is turned to vapor gas through a Dual Stage "cold vaporizing system".

• The vapor gas is injected directly into the intake manifold through the Positive Crankcase Ventilation (P.C.V.) line.

• The liquid gas passing through the vehicle’s present fuel system is decreased to compensate for the added vapor gas. (the oxygen sensor sends a signal to the computer of the added vapor in the system and the computer automatically cuts back the flow of liquid gasoline to the injectors to compensate for the added vapor) Your vehicle is still producing the same gas vapor to air ratio as before, only now you are vaporizing your fuel more efficiently, thus producing better gas mileage and cleaner emissions!

• Because you are still maintaining the same vapor to air ratio as designed by the auto manufacturer’s (14.7 to 1) specifications, the Fuel Saver 5000 WILL NOT harm your engine in any way!



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